SBCAPS - Plastic Caps (Cap Nailer N66BC-1)

SBCAPS - Plastic Caps (Cap Nailer N66BC-1)

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Fastening felt and house wrap by hand is a tedious process that can seriously affect your bottom line. Pneumatic tools can speed up the process, but you also run the risk of fasteners pulling though or not grabbing the surface of the material properly. That's where the Bostitch SB-CAPS Cap Stapler and Nailer Caps come in.

  • 1" Plastic Bostitch Caps eliminates Pull-Through when installing felt, House wrap and foam board insulation
  • The Bostitch Cap method proves to be 10 x Faster than nailing by hand
  • For use with the Bostitch Cap Stapler (SB150SLBC-1) With 5/16" Crown, 18ga Staples (SL5035) and Bostitch Cap Nailer (N66BC-1) with 15° Coil siding nails
  • Fits Bostitch Tools SB150SLBC-1, N66BC-1 
  • Quantity Per Item Pack 1000 Bostitch Caps 


  • Installing Roofing Felt
  • Installing House Wrap
  • Installing Foam Board Insulation