PGPRONG-1K - 1-3/4 Plasti-Grip CI Prong Washer

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The Plasti-Grip® ci Prong Washer is designed with a stiffened center and a flexible perimeter, allowing it to be used with a nail gun or hammer, as well as a screw gun. Dual prongs enable pre-spotting for on-the-wall screw assembly. For even more labor savings, use the GripLok® Autofeed Fastening System which is specifically designed for use with Grip-Deck® Screws and Plasti-Grip® washers.

  • Pre-spotting prongs for on-the-wall screw assembly
  • 1-3/4” diameter plastic tapered plate
  • Compatible with screws and nails. Shoot it, screw it, or nail it!
  • Flexible perimeter flattens without tearing insulation facer
  • Made in USA