FMFL634B-200 - 6-3/4" FlatLOK Structural Screw (200/PK)

FMFL634B-200 - 6-3/4" FlatLOK Structural Screw (200/PK)

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FlatLOK is a multi-purpose structural wood screw for fastening multi-ply LVL, girder trusses and multi-ply lumber beams.

Single-Sided Installation

FlatLOK is approved for single-sided installation making the job easier to complete both at ground level or for elevated applications. The flat head allows for easy finishing including drywall or trim.

TORX® ttap® drive system

  • Maximizes bit fit, reducing the potential for stripping.
  • Includes a stability button for maximum penetration into the fastener and a wobble-free drive.
  • A free TORX ttap bit (T-40) is included in every box.

Length and Application

  • 6 3/4": 4-ply LVL beams

Code Compliant Connection

FlatLOK is tested and supported by engineering data that conforms to the most current ICC standards. It is also approved for use in ACQ or treated lumber.