C014 - 16GA FLOOR CLEATS 2" (1m)

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16 Gauge 2" L shaped hardwood flooring cleats for 1/2" to 33/32" (12mm - 26mm) tongue and groove flooring; 1,000 per box.

  • Specifically designed for the application of hardwood flooring
  • Ideal for securing wood strips or planks to bases such as plywood or joists
  • Cleats feature a sharp set of barbs on each side to provide just the right amount of holding power
  • Collated tape holds nails together and eliminate waste due to break-up
  • Sturdy steel will not bend, even after multiple hits
  • Cleat nails minimize wood splitting and still allow for expansion and contraction
  • Approximate coverage is 200-300 sq. ft. per box
  • Can be used with most flooring nailers requiring 16 Ga. L cleats
  • Compatible with Primatech models 250AL, 250FL, 245FL, 240FL, 210FL, 330L, 300L, 100