BRT130 - 5" Plastic 20° Strip Nailer

BRT130 - 5" Plastic 20° Strip Nailer

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Bostitch Framing Nailer Heavy-Duty Timber BRT130

Take on a variety of heavy duty applications with this 21-Degree 5-1/8" Plastic Collated Heavy Duty Timber Framing Nailer (BRT130) from Bostitch. It drives plastic collated framing nails for timber framing and crating. It has a smooth trip design for fast cycling along with a secondary handle for improved ergonomics and control. There's a built-in hanging hook for high-production. Plus, it has a tool-free adjustable exhaust to direct air away from users.


Belt / Rafter Hook: True

Collation Type: Plastic

Dry Fire Lockout: True

Exhaust: Adjustable

Fastener Type / Gauge:: 21 Degree Plastic

Magazine Capacity: 50

Tool Weight: 13.75 lbs