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Primatech’s 250ALR Expert Series pneumatic nailer is equipped with a fully adjustable PrimSurfer roller base. This model fully embodies the most advanced technical developments in hardwood flooring installation. The innovative rollers increase speed and precision by allowing you to work without having to lift the tool repeatedly. The dual-action adjustable base enables the installation of a variety of 5/8” to 7/8” solid & engineered flooring with no shims required. Adjustable front block also allows for ultrafine positioning of the nail. A unique light impact all-around striking cap can be actuated from any angle and it’s compact design allows for fastening close to end walls.

  • PrimSurfer roller base increases speed and precision on all jobs
  • Dual action and total precision adjustable base plate
  • Install 5/8” to 7/8” solid & engineered flooring without needing shims
  • Adjustable front block for ultrafine positioning with controlled nail penetration
  • Compact all-around striking surface enables closest reach to end walls
  • Striking cap can be actuated from any angle
  • System regulates depth of penetration independently from the mallet impact (A light mallet impact will set nail perfectly)
  • Primpact striking module provides unrivaled reliability, performance and smoothness of operation
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum body
  • Highest grade steel piston and driving blade will last longer under repeated impacts
  • LoadXtended 200 nails extruded aluminum channel
  • Compatible with 16ga 2”, 1-3/4” and 1-1/2” L Cleats
  • Operates at a pressure of 80 PSI
  • Includes a cast iron 2.8 lb 16” mallet